IAB: USA Digital Ad Spendings Overcame 13,3 Billion Dollars in Q1 2015

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Income from the digital ad sources in the first quarter of 2015 exceeded 13,3 billion dollars. Quarterly report from IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and PwC US’s New Media Group contains data of ad income growth by 16% in comparison to same previous year’s period, where the same index has been valued 11,4 billions.


IAB graph shows quarterly revenue growth trend from 1996. 2014th 4th quarter became some kind of a record: back then revenue level exceeded a 14 billion dollars point. In 2014th spendings on ads in the USA reached 49,5 due to mobile and social network ads growth.

eMarketer made a prognosis that overall world spendings in 2016 are going to exceen 100 billion USA dollars.

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