Google Applied Manual Sanctions for Low-Quality Content

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Google has issued a massive amount of manual actions over “Thin content with little or no added value.”

Thin content sanction example

Seems like Google went after a content network and was able to locate loads of sites participating in this network and then slapped those participants with low-quality or thin content manual actions.
An intense discussion on the subject goes on BlackHatWorld forum.

There has been a rash of thin content site issues the past day and a half popping up from GWT. Seems Google is stepping up the game in that area.

Seems like a lot of people are getting these messages since the past few days. I lost a site last year and GWT message was: “Pure Spam”. Although the site had around 200 articles and it was definitely not SPAM.

So yesterday I saw two of my sites penalized with “thin content” while one of the website was a huge white hat experiment. I use professional copywriting services and was shocked to see this, my affiliate manager was shocked too.
Then I go to my affiliate network forum and posted a thread and saw couple of other guys with the same penalties. One was having couple of hundred articles on his website. I saw his website, it was very decent.

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