Google Adwords Expanded Effect on Commercial Actions in Merchant Promotions

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Contextual ad service Google Adwords expanded effect on commercial actions for British, Deutsch, French, Australian and Indian retailers. An offer which has appeared two years ago in USA allows retailers to show actions in merchant promotions of search engine results page and Google Shopping.

American retailers who already participate consider rise of efficiency their merchant promotions. For example, Venus company advs with commercial actions raised clickability by 7% and conversion coefficient rise by 2%, wherein CPC price reduced by 11% versus default merchant ads.

In the end of September, Google Adowrds representatives announced an expand of merchant ads of local shops (Local inventory ads) for The Great Britain, France, Germany, Japan and Australia.

In July of 2014th commercial service of merchant search announced launch of rating in goods descriptions. Buyers from the USA saw them as stars and reviews in merchant ads (Product Listing ads) in or versions.

By the way, in SerpZilla you can check sites PageRank and number of external backlinks in a link placement search interface.

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Google sanctioned Polish link exchange service

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Google representative, Karolina Kruszyńska (@karo_krus), approved that search leader sanctioned Poland’s largets link exchange network in her Twitter:

Bartosz Goralewicz, SEO-expert from Poland considers link exchange service being sanctioned. This link network known as “static network”, where links being placed mostly in titles, menu, on left side bar or in an anchor text. He published further information and screenshots in his blog.

Google tends to fight with link trading worldwide as continues to reduce SERP the sites which violate its policy.

In December 2013th Google sanctioned Anglo Rank which links were connecting sites without any reasons. Week after, Google sanctioned sites who were related to In February 2014th Google also banned two Polish ones, and in March attacked number of link exchange service costumers in Germany, Italy and Spain. The same month search engine excluded from results a guest blogging service The punishment also undergone over Greece recourses, then in April Google took measures against 7 Japanese link exchange services. In July two Polish services were punished. Also two British link exchange services were sanctioned in August. By the end of September Google lowered sites participating in personal blog network known as PBN.

SerpZilla Ltd. stands for a link building service which doesn’t violate any of search engine rules and agreements, and that’s why a promoting routine with us always remains as your safest and confident way.

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DoubleClick ad platform shutdown affected 55,185 websites

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On monday of November 12th DoubleClick platform got shutdown due to technical issues. Incident caused a stoppage of showing ads on 55185 websites, that equals 315 ad network shutdowns, says AdWeek.

An ad which is primarly appears on online-issue websites such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Guardian’s, Wired was absent for 90 minutes.

In the last 2014th quarter ad network DoubleClick brought Google $3,4 billion, according to Mountain View’s report for 3rd quarter of 2014th.
It amounts for $1,5 million per hour approx. Thereby, the apprehended damage caused to Google with platform shutdown goes for $2 million.

DoubleClick shutdown affected worldwide websites and all ad forms: video, display, native and mobile.

«Our team managed an error quickly. Now platform works again and our partners could return to financing their content.», – Google Press Secretary commented on situation.

Google ended DoubleClick buying process in March of 2008th. In February 2010th search engine integrated DoubleClick technology and stated about readiness to show collaborative development product – modified ad showing system. Platform included two products: Ad Manager and Dart.

In June 2014th Google Analytics Premium was officialy integrated with DoubleClick Campaign Manager and DoubleClick Bid Manager. Newcome allowed advertisers to trace their users activity: how do they interact with ad launched on DoubleClick platform.

The incident shows how it’s important not only to rely on one favorite marketing channel but also to use all of the available, and the link building isn’t an exception either – you’re able to buy quality links on SerpZilla as always!

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Google’s Penguin version 3.0

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John Mueller from Google confirmed in a YouTube video that the new version of Google Penguin has been recently released. It’s now Google Penguin 3.0 and there are some tips for its users in the video.

Lately some of webmasters started to notice extensive changes in Google’s page results pages. So that’s when Google Penguin 3.0 was officially released. It is the fifth release of Penguin which was initially launched in the spring of 2012.

Basically Google Penguin is a filter in Google’s ranking algorithm. Its aim is to target websites that are using spam methods to get backlinks. For instance Google does not really admire paid backlinks and backlinks that were automatically created from different blogs, forums and stuff like that.

So what’s new in Penguin 3.0?

Before if you webpage has been penalized by Google’s Penguin algorithm you had to wait for the next update until your website can recover.

In case your website has already been penalized before and in the mean time you have removed all the spammy backlinks – now it can be recovered.

Also it is possible that your rankings will drop of you have a lot of links from low quality pages. But that does not automatically mean that your site was punished.

If Google neglects some types of the links then those links are no longer counted as votes for your website. And if you somehow benefited from those wrong links and votes, your webpage rankings might drop.

So Google announced also that the Penguin now will be updated more often. Which will increase your chances to have your penalized by new algorithm website recovered faster. And you can also secure your website from being penalized after all by removing all bad backlinks. Link disinfection tool might help you to locate such links.


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Social and SEO

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Sometimes Social and SEO teams are playing opposite roles on the paper, but in reality they can easily engage in a two-way conversation between businesses and their target audiences. Social and SEO teams can create a beneficial relationship.

First of all they should share the strategy. From a SEO’s point of view the keyword approach is a perfect place to start. The social team should be aware of the phrases that convert the right type of visitors for the business and understand the benefit of metrics. The social team at the same time should always listen to the target audience and provide SEO team with the right and helpful information.

Both teams should create as much target content as possible. For SEOs, while we want to deliver the most valuable content possible, sometimes it’s difficult to determine what kind of content our audience wants at any given time. Social teams can get involved by delivering focused content to their audience via paid media.

The results gained during all those processes should be shared. SEO may have come from a more technical genesis, while social media was more traditionally a community-building platform, but both SEO and social are meant to build relationships with your audience and provide meaningful solutions and interactions for those groups. While sharing the details of data reporting across these teams will be a more time-consuming task, doing so will help to reveal the areas in need of the most collaboration.

Ultimately, a better connection between social and SEO teams will allow business to provide a more positive experience for the target audiences. And if this can provide a great experience, or even answer questions before the audience thinks of the question themselves, it will turn website visitors into customers and customers into brand advocates.

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W3C announced HTML5 Recommendation

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World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) published the fifth valuable HTML format revision used for creating web pages and applications, and the cornerstone of the open web platform. HTML5 is a set of functions for developers that people can rely on for the long years. It’s supported on vary devices which lowers pricing of creation a multifunctional applications which are involving users around the world.

«Today we think nothing of watching video and audio natively in the browser, and nothing of running a browser on a phone,» – said Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director.

«We expect to be able to share photos, shop, read the news, and look up information anywhere, on any device. Though they remain invisible to most users, HTML5 and the Open Web Platform are driving these growing user expectations.»

HTML5 brings Internet video and audio tracks without plugins; game graphics and other visual imagery; built-in support of the zoomable vector graphics (SVG) and math (MathML); possiblities to access applications etc.

HTML5 used for many years. According to Vision Mobile 2014 study, 42 percent of 10 thousand asked developers use combined HTML, CSS and JavaScript for all or a part of their mobile apps. Analytic company Gartner defined HTML5 as on of the top-10 mobile technologies and opportunities in 2015 and 2016:

«HTML5 will become an important technology for organizations that provide cross platform apps.»

With publication of Recommendations software performers receive free licensed obligations of more than sixty companies under patent policy of W3C.

Despite HTML5 is widely used and popular among delevopers, W3C decreases cost of develeping powerful cross platform apps. An october message of W3C CEO Jeff Jaffe says: «Now, when HTML5 is over, W3C are going to do more to strenghten parts of open web platform which developers need to succeed.»

Dear users, have you tried using HTML5 already? Imagine how many pros it gives to a quality link building.

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Google Pirate Update: Analysis and Loser List

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The Pirate Update 2 was rolled out this week according to Google announcement. Google updated its filter to help stem piracy after many criticisms that Google is not doing enough against Piracy. It works like Panda or Penguin. Based on a huge set of queries and the data Google had from the first Pirate update, which was released about 2 years ago Google is looking for copyright infringements. Any site where Google finds a violation or was filed through Google’s DMCA system will receive a huge drop in rankings or will be even removed from search engine result pages.

Some sites received a loss in SEO Visibility to 98%.

Amongst the loser sites are those who had links and/or content to movie/TV/music. Sites like, which lost 98% of SEO Visibility, have typical loser keywords like “download free movies”, “watch {movie name} online free”, “online free movies”, “movies download”, “watch {movie name}”, “where can I watch {movie name} online” etc.

The top 30 loser list

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Creating Effective Landing Page

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Oli Gardner, Unbounce co-founder reported on the SearchLove 2014 conference dedicated to SEO, inner site analytics, development strategies of the link building and marketing campaigns.

You don’t only measure conversion of a landing page but pay attention to usability and comfortability for the users to repost content. He mentioned Wikipedia in example of well source of good links – Wikipedia could be used for effective link promotion.

It’s useful to place Wiki links on your website and even mostly important if information about your company will appear on the Wiki.

Speaking of the landing pages, reporter stated that they aren’t only to contain information about product and services.

The way to improve audiences attention to target page is to place useful books for download.

Page loading time also matters as well as how fast do the images appear – if it’d be too slow, users will leave, no one is going to wait over 26 seconds, further research showed.

Oli drews attention on fact that 8 percent of men have colourblindness and they don’t distinguish colors.

«Create, publish and study reaction on your landind – measure nearly everything. Content is the snowball and if it’s interesting, it’ll collect more and more user content on it.»

– noted expert.

On landing don’t overweight users brain with difficult to understand texts – all information he needs of the subject he surely able to get on specialized web page. Outbound links from the target page could forward to necessary sources, but you also should be awared of the situation when user falls not to the desirable target place and refuses to contiune work with your website.

Before you even create landing page it’s useful to answer a few questions to yourself:

    What the page is about?
    What happens on CTA click? (Calling to action contextual element)?
    Could this page be trusted one?

Another important element of any good landing page – passwords. Oli noted that you must not bother users to construct long passwords, it’d be better to make password tip, because people do often forget them.

Forms, used on landing page shouldn’t be hard and freightening for user – 2 or 3 columns are enough. The charity form, if the one is one the site, should appear to user at the very last moment.

Users must be sure in security of the page with form – removing a ‘traps’ and suspicious links from check-out page improves conversion of nearly 25 percent!

Generally you should try to make people satisfied of user experience from the website usage. Treat them personally and also thank them. Moreover it’s necessary to urge users in security of methods used by company as well as to offer them a variety of comfortable options.

What about reviews, search for the users who write them among the whole Web to make your audience trust this reviews.

Reporter also mentioned importance of working with negative reviews – if you leave them raw, the trust to your site falls nearly for 6 percent.

Social proofs became one of suspicious things, thinks Oli Gardner. Everyone say about them but how to work with them no one knows so far. «Test your proofs on if they really trustworthy.», – he added.

Point users to target action – color of the target button doesn’t really matter, because higher attention goes for contrast and picking a right color for the main objects.

Segment, test and adapt form page for the mobile devices. Besides, don’t forget about target buttons CTA (click-to-action) for they are also need to be tested. The buttons must be clearly visible and a bit vivid. Target button should always stand out and not be the same as the refuse button.

«Do not ever start marketing campaign without deserving landing page! The main page isn’t enough!»
– ends Oli.

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Ecommerce: 7 Platinum Usability Principles

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Okay, so you have started buying links (though if you haven’t yet, go do it now!).

But whats up with your users? How does your product web pages affect their views into purchases? What makes them to fill a cart and place an order?
The fact is that candy web page is your last chance to turn a visitor into successful purchase.

Who will tell you more about usability if not your own users?
Make an analysis on what actions do the people on their visit – how long and how deep their sessions are.

Here go the 7 principles of usability

Awesome Product Visualisation

Quick load

Further description

Field navigation

Clear visible CTA (call-to-action)

The sign of trust

Availability info

Put it all together!

Setting up an ecommerce website is tough, but even harder is to keep it running and growing. It requires constant analysis of website performance and most importantly optimization. Oftentimes webmasters are reluctant to making any significant changes to the website, while this may be the very thing holding it back. So my advice is to never stop improving and walk in pace with new technology. And finally, when in doubt, put yourself in your user’s shoes and everything will become clear.

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Hummingbird Algorithm: Evolution

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Google introduced new algorithm almost a year ago. The Hummingbird came as a replacement for the earliest Page Rank algorithm and then codename Caffeine thereafter, it’s affected around 90 percent of search requests worldwide.

The first to express his opinion about current situation is Warren Lee, search engine marketing thought author and speaker.

Warren Lee

As Warren says, Google decided implementing the Hummingbird to make sure the mobile search users are getting the best possible and relevant search results. After launching the Hummingbird, Google starts processing the requests in two ways:

    1. By showing relevant results matching to keywords, as it was earlier;
    2. In a new fashion by organizing results page with showing the most actual search requests considering equal context and relationship of the entities.

The launch doesn’t change affect on the range signals much, but improved an importance of few separated factors.

Links didn’t lost their influence, inner site optimization and technical implementation still play a big role and yet it still increases.
Relevance, quality and quantity of content you place on pages are important as well.

Hummingbird uses Knowledge Graph, Google semantic search algorithm, to understand the entities and improve their search concept on them.

Knowledge graph entities vs. search entities

Convenient search in entities may include:

Knowledge graph entitites vs. search entities

Promotion with low frequent requests is more and more significant for Google because it allows to build relationship between entities more precisely. It’s highly recommended to research search result statistic in Google Analytics.

How does this impact my day to day as an SEO?

Adding into semantic core all the terms related to the page subjects also matters incredibly. You can use LSI and to define them.

«It’s not to promote better in a search, but to organize your content by making it unique, fully, worthless and useful for the users.»,
– Warren Lee briefs.

The next opinion comes from Bill Slawski, SEO expert and author of SEO by the Sea blog.

Bill Slawski

In the beginning of the speech he mentioned a term “pattern”, which exists for Google, but being used rarely. This term implemented by Sergey Brin and means special technology of making pair relations between objects. As knowledge accumulates and a base of contacts widens within and new intersections with interbeds occur. In result, system forms the full image of the surroundings.

Sergey Invents DIPRE

Google Algorithms analyse those patterns continuously in try to make contextual link between separate words. A work with patterns also allows search engine to understand actions of separate users and agregate all info to show maximal relevant search results. Google’s Knowledge Graph begins exactly from a pattern concept.

Google's Knowledge Graph

Google technologies of today allow to:

    – View entities through the search;
    – Use RDF (Resource Description Framework) technology of information tracking needed to calculate mathing of search requests;
    – Search patterns on separate resource pages for comparing them with search requests values;
    – To use semantic micromarking and similar tools to send information to search engines.

Bill Slawski demonstrated request [Cats] on example to show that the Google is able to analyse the context of the search requests: «If we’ll type word [Cats] to Google search line being at home then we’d get a huge value of results dedicated to this cute pet. However, if we’re walking on the Broadway and typing request [Cats] into mobile search, then in search results we’d likely to be asked a deep info about musical “Cats”.»


«The future is after dialogue search and Google made a huge step in that direction by running their Hummingbird algorithm.»,
– stated Bill.

Marcus Tober was reporting changes in search landscape which occurred as the Hummingbird has been implemented.

Marcus Tober

Algorithm absorbed few aspects: contextual search, dialogue search and semantic search.

Google Hummingbird Update

Marcus Tober thinks the main influence caused by launch of the Hummingbird affected the following range factors:

All requests could be divided into few large groups. Entity relations could be clearly followed:

Now Google pays attention not only to relevance of the keywords but also to matching of a request to the subject of the page content likewise and also on a keyword relevancy. Search algorithm analyses the whole page (not separate elements as before). Anyhow, that does affect on search results: if pages with unoptimized content was able to accidentally appear to search engine top:

Now they are ranging worser:

It means only one for SEO – the need of transition from tactical optimization to the side of strategic planning and serious work with content. It’s important not only to fill website with contents, but to work with subjects and adopt content for existing and actual search requests, also to follow trends and hype in seo routine. «The work is about to be daily for you.», – says Marcus.

After the Hummingbird launch the link variety on sites from the SERP top in different subjects reduced by 7 percent. Narrow but quality sites started to get advantages in ranging despite the fact that half a year ago the famous and known resources to whom Google “trusts” were ranging better.

«And I dare you do not panic: Hummingbird isn’t just algorithm, it is the self-learning algorithm which would develop itself with the time.»,
Marcus Tober finishes his speech .

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