Mobile-friendly Sites in Bing

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It will look something like Google’s mobile-friendly search algorithm, yet with obvious exceptions. The summary goes with following:

— Launch is expected in the upcoming months.
— It will parse user experience on mobile devices, so make sure your site runs comfortable on the mobile devices.
— If you got the “Mobile-friendly” label on Bing mobile, you was set up to the algorithm:


— A new tool to come from Bing will tell you if your site is mobile-friendly or not and how to get mobile-friendly if you aren’t.
— Sites that are unable to render on mobile devices will suffer (i.e. fully Flash sites).
— There will be two optiones – on or off, meaning that you are either mobile friendly or not.
— It’s a real time algorithm, so as soon as BingBot crawls the site, it will be picked up.

For further information follow discussions at Google+.

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Google Applied Manual Sanctions for Low-Quality Content

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Google has issued a massive amount of manual actions over “Thin content with little or no added value.”

Thin content sanction example

Seems like Google went after a content network and was able to locate loads of sites participating in this network and then slapped those participants with low-quality or thin content manual actions.
An intense discussion on the subject goes on BlackHatWorld forum.

There has been a rash of thin content site issues the past day and a half popping up from GWT. Seems Google is stepping up the game in that area.

Seems like a lot of people are getting these messages since the past few days. I lost a site last year and GWT message was: “Pure Spam”. Although the site had around 200 articles and it was definitely not SPAM.

So yesterday I saw two of my sites penalized with “thin content” while one of the website was a huge white hat experiment. I use professional copywriting services and was shocked to see this, my affiliate manager was shocked too.
Then I go to my affiliate network forum and posted a thread and saw couple of other guys with the same penalties. One was having couple of hundred articles on his website. I saw his website, it was very decent.

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Google Experiments With Tweets in Search Results

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Some users have already noticed that some tweets started to appear in search results:


Google representatives approved the test launch: “As it was said earlier on a January Twitter financial result announcement, we cooperate at showing service’s content on Google Search in real time. We started a minor experiments on Mobile search, but we got nothing to announce yet.”

Experiment goes in restricted access and isn’t available for all users and not on all devices.

In February 2015 Google and Twitter made an agreement of an access to microblog service. Google already have been scanning tweets, but an official agreement gave the search engine an opportunity to get more information than it could receive on a regular basis. On a previous week Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said that an access assumed to be launched in May.

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Blue Nile Research: In 27% Cases Users Type Keywords in Search in Form of Question

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Along with the percentage they use either shorter (less than 4 words) or longer (4 and more words) keywords with a similar frequency – user search psychology portrait research from Blue Nile Research company says.


Blue Nile Research specialists also reviewed a form of keywords which users are typing in search.
In contrast of form of approval, user’s search queries include such words as: “Why”, “How”, “Where”, “What” and “Which”.

The most popular query format in a question form is “How” – it’s being used in 38% cases; “Why” – in 24%; “Where” – 15%; “Which” – in 12%; “What” – 11% cases.


Researchers also have studied query length. They managed to divide all keywords by the criteria: “fragmented” (2-3 words), “full” (4 and over).
Their frequency spreaded equally – 50 by 50.


The diagram shown below reflects keyword frequency in ones including 2 to 8 words:


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Google Transfers All Ads to Secured Protocol

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Starting by the end of June (30th) this year (2015), the most of mobile, video (media) and desktop ads in Google’s contextual-media, AdMob and DoubleClick networks will be encrypted with HTTPS protocol. Advertisers who use any of these platforms, including AdWords and DoubleClick, will be able to show HTTPS-crypted media ads.

Google’s initiative to provide users with the best ad experience using online. The users will be secured every time as they browse video, plan a trip or open a favorite app.

Currently Google AdWords technicians continue to work on implementing the protocol in all products to support their partners – advertisers and publishers. By the end of 2014 all YouTube ads were already been transferred to HTTPS protocol.

HTTPS is a ranging signal which does launch in a real time.
As Google’s bot index a new URL with HTTPS, this URL gets a little ranging impulse instantly, complementary because of transfer to HTTPS!

Does your site match the criteria, dear SerpZilla user?

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Bing Search Engine Reaches 20 Percent on Market Milstone in the US

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Bing has hit 20 percent market share in the US!
The result of today’s milestone have come mostly at the expense of Yahoo, the Search Alliance partner.


In May 2009 Yahoo was just where the Bing today. Bing has been launched in June of 2009 and it had a market percentage comparable to where Yahoo is today in late Q4 2010.
Two giants, Microsoft and Yahoo created the Search Alliance in July of 2009.

Yahoo’s U.S. percentage on market share is currently 12.7 percent, and has been boosted recently by its deal with Firefox. Google’s lost ten points last month and has dropped to 64.4 percent.
Despite all the vast of growth volumes saw growth.

The effective reach is nearly at 33 percent for Bing, because it serves organic search results and ads to it’s partner – Yahoo search.


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Answers Bolding in Google Search

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Google is bolding the answers in the search results as quick answers being displayed at the top of the page.

In example, the ‘airline pilot salary’ query returns an amount in the knowledge graph area and shows $98,410 bolded, but a keyword doesn’t even contain the number:

spotted by Wissam Dandan and posted on Google+.

Uwe Tippmann of ABAKUS shows that if to search for the same query in the Google UK you’ll get a different numbers and even a range of bolded salaries.


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Mobile Ad Spendings to Top 100 billion USD in 2016

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Either you are a novice or an enthusiast, working in digital-marketing industry and being even a default user it’s hard to leave a horribly increasing value of mobile ads unnoticed.

Mobile ad market is about to achieve a few significant milestones in 2016, according to eMarketer analysises mobile ads will surpass more than a half – 50% of overall digital ad expenditure.

worldwide table

The amount of 101.37 billions in USD going to be spend on advertisments on mobile phones, tablets and wearables the next 2016 year with an approx. increase of 430% from ’13! But between 2016 and 2019, mobile ad spendings being prognosed to be doubled and hit 195.55 billions USD accounting for over than 70% of digital ad spend or 1/4 of total worldwide media ad spend.

Yet there’s no surprise.
The growth is driven by a huge interest in using mobile devices for web-surfing. There weill be more than 2 billion smartphone users worldwide just by the end of 2016, 1/4 of whom will be chinese and live in China.

Are your sites already adapted for smartphones and wearables? If not, you may lose a large part of traffic in the next few years! Because there’s still enough time to study your project thoroughly, you may decide to refubrish it.

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Advertisers Reported Huge AdWords QS Drops

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The precedent, as far as we know, has been reported to occur on 29th of March. There were loads of reviews from users that their keyword quality scores have started to drop intensively.


Turned out it was a bug fix, Google stated earlier:
“We’re aware of a bug that is affecting quality score reporting and are actively working to fix this. Rest assured, the bug affects reporting only, not ad serving. We’re expecting it to be fixed in the next day.”

And then, later on, it has been officially fixed:
“The bug affecting quality scores that we posted about on Friday is now fixed. Thank you for your patience as we worked through this. If you paused any keywords yesterday, we recommend that you un-pause them now in order to see the correct scores. These paused keywords will not reflect the correct score until one or two hours after being un-paused.”

Again, what does this occasion shows us? That it’s important to follow the rule of using different marketing channels in your businesses, so if the one leads to immediate conversion lowering, the other keeps whole system afloat.
Be sure that the SerpZilla, our link building service, provides you with the very best maintenance and uptime, and those link you place on other sites will always be there as long as you pay for them and they won’t become unavailable due to force majeure. Thanks for being with us!

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New Google Algorithm or Just a Test?

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There was a chatter around Google’s last Friday update. Since then some webmasters already experienced a movement and even drops of keywords in search ranking. Would it be the new Panda or Penguin version, doorway algorithm or a brand new product? Who knows…

Community have already started to discuss the topic:

Definitely movement here and not for the good. Another 3-4 spots lost on all main keywords.

Today I see penguin related movement.

Today I see movement (further shuffling similar to yesterday). Why do you think it is Penguin-related?

Lots of SERP movements in Google Australia, seeing a lot of new sites showing up on page 1 for root keyword searches but not city based (ie: keyword sydney), not much changes there. Most of the fluctuations are from money keywords or root keywords search results. That’s my observation so far.

For futher information follow WebmasterWorld forum where a heavy discussion goes on.

In our opinion there’s nothing to worry about.
SerpZilla team reminds you to keep your best up with the site content and overall quality aswell, so you don’t bother yourself of probabilities on being sanctioned.


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