Google Panda 4.1

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Each search engine algorithm update brings its pros and cons. The newest Google Panda 4.1, also known as the well trash-site remedy created by Google was made to prevent thin content web pages appear on the Google search engine results page.

Let’s try to understand what effect the Panda has brought itself and how does the world wide web sites are still winning or losing from the recent adjustment.

The Searchmetrics SEO blog made a good analysis on what’s going on.
As seen from the above, there’s a good point in that case as well as the bad – Panda hit only thin filled web-pages.

What happened as always and happens every time – the content won.
That’s why we call on you, our dears users: don’t be lazy and take some time in your routine to optimize your sites, choose quality over quantity and don’t forget about good external links which will add a lot of weight and competitory factors to your site!

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Google Penguin 3.0 to launch in 2014′s 4th quartal

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The algorithms grow insanely fast, especially when it’s around an IT-industry giants like Google.
We’ve posted an analysis for the Penguin algorithm earlier.

Now prepare to face the Google’s grown wild child pretty soon!

John Muller, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst has announced the launch of the 3rd version of Penguin «in the reasonable future» and he expects it to happen within the 2014 year.

Check this video for the most interesting part of the whole speech of the English Google Webmaster Central office-hours hangout.

«My guess is yes. But as always there are always things that can happen between. I am pretty confident we will have something in the reasonable future. But not today, so we will definitely let you know when it is happening.», — says John Muller

However, none of above means that linkbuilding can become worthless and wasted with a release of the new Penguin 3.0. We predict nothing to change significantly. SEO community can’t remember algorithms to be invincible so far, so do we!

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Everyday SEO tools for each and every one

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Dear costumer, what helpful SEO instruments are you using in your routine? Let us know in comments!

You know, nowadays it matters incredibly either if you are novice or a professional – most of us just aren’t paying attention to the details.
Luckily for you, we’ve managed to write about a few tools and proud to present a short review of the most helpful ones.

Here’s a closer look inside the SerpZilla team’s premium selection:

Google PageSpeed Insights – a part of Google Developers and that’s a must have for everyone interested in effective website promotion. Service offers a bunch of steps to improve a loading speed of the website on user PCs and mobile phones. It offers analysis and features like a recommendations of JavaScript/CSS/image optimization and usability advices. Information is available in user-friendly original Google interface formatted with comfortable to-do lists.

Majestic SEO – ever wondered how to check all the backlinks, even those are currently inactive and have been dropped right to search engine’s index history? Try registering there and checking a website to have a detailed picture. You are able to check anchor texts likewise.

But whats the point of those speed boosting tips when primarly it’s all about a code?

An official W3C Markup Validation Service – the who-is-who of any known successful promotion story. Your strategies and spendings are nothing without a fundamental code quality – that’s one of the most important exceptions to please Google’s “crawler” legally, obviously apart from using a linkbuilding and a linkexchange likewise.

Another useful service is called WooRank and it offers the deepest known yet analysis of a lot of SEO and usability parameters, gives a promotion advices and does a traffic measurement. After typing in your domain address in a form and pressing a button, you’ll get a list of top priorities on which you should concentrate to correct them as soon as possible in order to uprise an efficiency.

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Breaking through “Plateau”

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If an athlete is training using always the same techniques or the same program for a pretty long time, sooner or later he’ll hit a “training plateau”. The same thing might happen to most of SEO campaign. If they use the same methods, even if they do it more often, but the same techniques – most likely it’ll lead to deterioration of results.

Because when you reach a “plateau”, the best way out is to change your game, to use some new methods and programs.

There are some ideas to break through your plateau and increase search visibility.

Everybody knows that good content is the key to increasing the visibility. But most companies keep their best content behind “gates”. It is important to have some gated content which would help your lead generation efforts. But it is also important to get all the best from everything. Like whitepapers, case studies, videos that are behind gates will not have any SEO value. But! If you put whitepapers into blog posts or quote some key stat from case study in a blog post, your gated content will still be gated but it’ll also increase a search visibility.

Another thing. It is known that during the first phases of any SEO campaign the focus is on the major phrases and keywords which are linked to the most important pages of your website. It’s usually the rankings of these key pages that plateau first. So when it happens the best thing to do is to cast the net wider, to focus on the long tail. The long-tail search rakings can be more valuable than your major phrases. So focus SEO efforts on exploiting any opportunities and you will see how quickly your search referrals and conversion rates are increasing.

Another technique is to go offline. This is the most overlooked SEO tactic of all. Though the most effective SEO strategies is to getting out of the office and talking to people.

So the most important principal which is applied not only to SEO – if you reach plateau – go change your game! More is not always better. But diversity is almost always good!


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Google’s new Search Results Design

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Google announced that they are experimenting with the new look recently. Very soon after this announcement Jon Wiley, Google Search lead designer, stated that those modifications were good enough for the official change. And now every user of Google Search should notice the new design of results page.

Jon Wiley pointed to changes: the titles of search result pages are now of a larger size, all the underlines were removed, and the height of the lines is now all even. All those modifications are supposed to improve the convenience of the Google Search users. Pages are assumed to become easier to read and the overall look is to become cleaner and clearer.

In addition Google is trying to unify the mobile and desktop experience in the ad side, making the multi-device experience more consistent so that the users would use Google Search across devices and it would be easier for Google to develop improvements all across the board, according to Jon Wiley.

Of course any changes in Google’s design or layout, as any changes on the whole, might cause a lot of discontent and complains from its users. But The Google team is ready to hear them from users and answer any questions.


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SEO mistakes that should be avoided

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Manas Kumar – the blogger and experienced Internet marketer from 1SEOIN (one of the most noted SEO company in India) – published the list of common SEO mistakes which he thinks should be avoided.

First mistake on the list is not including relevant and useful content, which can help the website to be SEO-friendly and rise in the search engine rankings. While irrelevant keywords may result in spam

Overlooking the social media is listed second among the common mistakes. It is stated that nowadays social media can play a very important role in search engine optimization. So it is really important to adopt right blend of social media and SEO strategies in order to reach higher results.

Another mistake according to Manas Kumar is avoiding mobile optimization. It is clear that people spend more and more time using their mobile devices and apps, so it is principal to optimize websites for mobile phones as well, using special and unique options of devices and making the best of them.

Imbalance in using keywords can trouble website’s rank. Besides – Google can impose penalty on sites stuffed with keywords! So it is important to use rich and useful content with the right keywords to reach high ranks in search engine.

Manas Kumar also suggests to use flash and images carefully, because too much media can hamper the site’s rank in search engine.

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Good news from Serpzilla

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Dear customers, partners and friends!
We are glad to announce the good news:
We added a lot of new websites recently, so you now have a choice of websites for links even wider than before.
So if you still don’t work with us, you should check in and try! Because being on TOP is easy! By the way the number of SEOs is increasing every day!

So join Serpzilla! Rush to the TOP!

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Google Requires Some Business To Reverify Their Listings

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Google started to send e-mails to some business owners which are required to reverify their listings. The emails stated that business owners have three weeks to do that otherwise their listings will be removed from Google Maps and Google Local. Every email contained the subject “Action Required: You have 3 weeks to save your Google Places Listing.” And the body of the email contains following text: “Due to changes in Google Maps, we’d like to inform you that unless you review and confirm the information in your Google Places account, we will no longer be able to keep and show it to Google users after February 21, 2014”.

Jade Wang declared in a Help Thread that those emails should be taken seriously. In order to keep their information in listing “LISTING GOES HERE” the users are proposed to follow some steps: they are supposed to log in their Google Places account, review and update their information and click the “Submit” button.

It is not clear how many businesses have received that kind of notifications.

Jade Wang also stated that those who are worried that this email will be sent into Spam might do the following: log into Places for Business, check business information, update it if it’s necessary and then click “Submit” button. Those actions have to be done before February 21, 2014 and then all the information will stay on Google Maps. Otherwise the users will need to add all their business information and do all verifications using Google Places all over again.

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Google extorts money from webmasters?

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Executive Director of Rusty Brick that is an Internet-promotion service and authoritative online marketer Barry Schwartz has published an addendum to his comment on the threat directed against Google spam-team that was posted by one «angry SEO-master» on the forum of GoogleWebmasterHelp.

Now the author examines a post of a webmaster on the same forum, in which the frightened developer claims that he received a call from Google demanding money and threatening to block the account in case of refusal.

Barry asks the forum participants to tell about such cases of outright extortion and recommends all people, who will encounter with something like that, to minutely question «the voice» about a source and details of the requirements.

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Post-Penguin Link Building

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Well-known SEO Manager Scott McLay has made some update to his article of 2010 «LinkBuilding 101 – TheAlmostCompleteLinkGuide», devoted to the development of link creating integral strategy. Since then author’s view has not changed a lot, but Google Penguin appearance made him to additionally emphasize some aspects of his theory.

SEO-expert’s main message has not changed – 80% of positive (or negative) factors for SEO-ranking come from external sources, including not only links, but communities and quotes.

The author emphasizes that Penguin only formalized high requirements to the quality of content, which is a basic building material for links and successful SEO-optimization.

The article is arranged in such a way that it isn’t necessary to read 2-year-old material. All the main points of the author’s conception are introduced over again, but some of them are refined a little and detailed with regard for new realities.

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