comScore’s TOP-50 US Sites of December 2014

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Analytical agency comScore released it’s monthly rating of top digital media properties.

Reach % denotes the percentage of the total internet population that viewed a particular entity at least once in December. For instance, Yahoo Sites was seen by 70.4 percent of the 228 million desktop internet users in December.
* Entity has assigned some portion of traffic to other syndicated entities.
** Indicates that the entity is an advertising network.

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How the SEO Has Been Changing in 2014 Part 3

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Dentsu Aegis Network, international media and digital marketing communication company bought Covario, one of the biggest USA search marketing agencies. Though the deal doesn’t mean an ownership over Rio SEO software. Rio SEO became independent software development company outside Covario brand.

Searchmetrics officially presented key ranging factor rating of 2014. High quality content, literate site structure and behaviour factors became first-placed in the previous year. By that time link factors and social signals lost their significance.


Authority Labs agency published statistics of organic clicks on Google SERP in 2014. Click statistics were based in depend of device from which a transition was complete – mobile or desktop; and also keyword type – information or transaction ones.

Google updated Penguin algorithm up to version 3.0. Filter fights search spam, overoptimizated sites and resources with unnatural links. Site owners who made a request to review site positioning received an opportunity to recover in search results.


Google decided to remove Carousel from local search results connected with hotels, restaurants and other categories.

Mobile site optimization became much more significant factor for Google. Search engine started to mark in results web-sites optimized for mobile devices, also Google launched Mobile-Firendly Test tool in Google Webmaster Tools kit.


Bing published own version of Panda algorithm pointed to fight low-quality content. Despite that search engine representatives said what the truly quality content is. Bing professionals refer onto three aspects of web-site and page:

Twitter huge study ended the 2014 year. It’s dedicated to user interest in using service publications. Statistics made of 4 million tweets analysis. The main thing Twitter analytics figured out is that the time of publishing doesn’t affect on tweet spreading statistics.

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How the SEO Has Been Changing in 2014 Part 2

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That month signed Panda launch, which has been updated to ver. 4.0 and called to fight low-quality site content. The giant brands like and RetailMeNot have been sanctioned with updated filter.

The biggest commercial resource eBay also suffered of Panda update and manual sanctions. Loss of traffic cost eBay 200 mil. USD of year revenue.


Google dismissed content authors photos from SERP.

Also, developer conference Google I/O 2014 have been opened in June, where has been announced new product design based on Chrome; which is going to be used in Android devices and visual search elements update; there have been said about few innovations connected with wearable-device development.


Google launched Pigeon – local search algorithm. Algorithm launch changed situation in SERP significally. Google, in turn, started to review site regionality as one of the ranging signals.

Matt Cutts, Google Anti Web Spam CEO announced that he leaves company until October. Though his holidays have been extended. The case provoked series of gossips in community.

Groupon showed research results proving that 60% of incoming site traffic made by organic search. The experiment inspired Conductor agency to review search results made in 2013. Result was the following: part of organic traffic, coming on site, equals 64%.


Google declared HTTPS to become an important ranging signal. It forced web-masters to upgrade sites from HTTP to HTTPS. The decision was to improve security and privacy within web.

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How the SEO Has Been Changing in 2014 Part 1

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Google announced an update for smartphone search algorythm. Standalone mobile content robot going to multiply mobile content volume and allow users much more information which is relevant to exact searched keyword. Webmasters got to update robots.txt and optimize their sites for mobile devices as a result.


By the end of 2013 Google released 100 percent safe search. In february 2014 keywords of Not Provided category increased to 80%.


Webmasters started to discuss a possible update of Google algorithm by noticing sufficient changes in SERP. Though, search engine representatives usually do not approve that kind of information. and other metrics demonstrated statistics of visible changes in SERP positioning.

Google also presented new UI of SERP and ads in search block. Page links on updated results page appear without underlines. Changes have also affected an appearing of ads in block.


April 2014 brought a serious vulnerability in OpenSSL protocol, which has been named as Heartbleed bug. Google, Rackspace, AWS and other software companies found millions of sites suffered of Heartbleed. Due to the breach the hackers could invisibly get an access to personal data worldwide.

Vic Gundotra, Google vice-president and Google+ social network CEO declared he’s leaving corporation. This occasion got a lot gossips of future of the social network. TechCrunch even reported that Google+ will no longer exist as standalone product. Despite all closing doesn’t happen and Google+ still exists along with Facebook and Twitter.

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Google Panda and Penguin Go on Holiday Vacation?

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Search engine users noticed that Panda search algorithm have been updated every few weeks until October, but there haven’t been any moves from October 24.
Besides that, there haven’t been any changes connected to Penguin algorithm since 6th of December.

Back in 2011, Google representatives gave Panda some rest on holidays:

Seems that Google tries to avoid search algorithm updates during holidays remembering joylessly famous Florida update in 2003 when all giant online-retailers have disappeared from search engine results pages.

Winter holidays and pre- New Year’s Eve as well as Christmas are obviously the sweetest days for e-commerce.
We hope you bought enough backlinks to be on the TOP-10 as the potential customers are looking through SERP for some goods and gifts!

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Yahoo’s 2014 Most Searched Keywords

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Yahoo published it’s ‘Year in Review‘ report and here are two interesting Top-10 lists!

Top-10 keywords in 2014

  1. Ebola
  2. Minecraft
  3. Ariana Grande
  4. Jennifer Lawrence
  5. Kaley Cuoco
  6. Kim Kardashian
  7. “Frozen”
  8. Miley Cyrus
  9. iPhone 6
  10. Jennifer Aniston

Top-10 news searches in 2014

  1. Ebola epidemic
  2. The death of Robin Williams
  3. Midterm elections
  4. Leaked photos
  5. Malaysia Airlines
  6. Ferguson
  7. Jodi Arias
  8. Islamic State
  9. Domestic violence
  10. Obamacare

Have you followed a hype this year? Maybe you even discussed something relevant on your website forum? Did it bring you more visitors or any other pros?

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Google Adwords Expanded Effect on Commercial Actions in Merchant Promotions

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Contextual ad service Google Adwords expanded effect on commercial actions for British, Deutsch, French, Australian and Indian retailers. An offer which has appeared two years ago in USA allows retailers to show actions in merchant promotions of search engine results page and Google Shopping.

American retailers who already participate consider rise of efficiency their merchant promotions. For example, Venus company advs with commercial actions raised clickability by 7% and conversion coefficient rise by 2%, wherein CPC price reduced by 11% versus default merchant ads.

In the end of September, Google Adowrds representatives announced an expand of merchant ads of local shops (Local inventory ads) for The Great Britain, France, Germany, Japan and Australia.

In July of 2014th commercial service of merchant search announced launch of rating in goods descriptions. Buyers from the USA saw them as stars and reviews in merchant ads (Product Listing ads) in or versions.

By the way, in SerpZilla you can check sites PageRank and number of external backlinks in a link placement search interface.

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Google sanctioned Polish link exchange service

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Google representative, Karolina Kruszyńska (@karo_krus), approved that search leader sanctioned Poland’s largets link exchange network in her Twitter:

Bartosz Goralewicz, SEO-expert from Poland considers link exchange service being sanctioned. This link network known as “static network”, where links being placed mostly in titles, menu, on left side bar or in an anchor text. He published further information and screenshots in his blog.

Google tends to fight with link trading worldwide as continues to reduce SERP the sites which violate its policy.

In December 2013th Google sanctioned Anglo Rank which links were connecting sites without any reasons. Week after, Google sanctioned sites who were related to In February 2014th Google also banned two Polish ones, and in March attacked number of link exchange service costumers in Germany, Italy and Spain. The same month search engine excluded from results a guest blogging service The punishment also undergone over Greece recourses, then in April Google took measures against 7 Japanese link exchange services. In July two Polish services were punished. Also two British link exchange services were sanctioned in August. By the end of September Google lowered sites participating in personal blog network known as PBN.

SerpZilla Ltd. stands for a link building service which doesn’t violate any of search engine rules and agreements, and that’s why a promoting routine with us always remains as your safest and confident way.

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DoubleClick ad platform shutdown affected 55,185 websites

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On monday of November 12th DoubleClick platform got shutdown due to technical issues. Incident caused a stoppage of showing ads on 55185 websites, that equals 315 ad network shutdowns, says AdWeek.

An ad which is primarly appears on online-issue websites such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Guardian’s, Wired was absent for 90 minutes.

In the last 2014th quarter ad network DoubleClick brought Google $3,4 billion, according to Mountain View’s report for 3rd quarter of 2014th.
It amounts for $1,5 million per hour approx. Thereby, the apprehended damage caused to Google with platform shutdown goes for $2 million.

DoubleClick shutdown affected worldwide websites and all ad forms: video, display, native and mobile.

«Our team managed an error quickly. Now platform works again and our partners could return to financing their content.», – Google Press Secretary commented on situation.

Google ended DoubleClick buying process in March of 2008th. In February 2010th search engine integrated DoubleClick technology and stated about readiness to show collaborative development product – modified ad showing system. Platform included two products: Ad Manager and Dart.

In June 2014th Google Analytics Premium was officialy integrated with DoubleClick Campaign Manager and DoubleClick Bid Manager. Newcome allowed advertisers to trace their users activity: how do they interact with ad launched on DoubleClick platform.

The incident shows how it’s important not only to rely on one favorite marketing channel but also to use all of the available, and the link building isn’t an exception either – you’re able to buy quality links on SerpZilla as always!

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Google’s Penguin version 3.0

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John Mueller from Google confirmed in a YouTube video that the new version of Google Penguin has been recently released. It’s now Google Penguin 3.0 and there are some tips for its users in the video.

Lately some of webmasters started to notice extensive changes in Google’s page results pages. So that’s when Google Penguin 3.0 was officially released. It is the fifth release of Penguin which was initially launched in the spring of 2012.

Basically Google Penguin is a filter in Google’s ranking algorithm. Its aim is to target websites that are using spam methods to get backlinks. For instance Google does not really admire paid backlinks and backlinks that were automatically created from different blogs, forums and stuff like that.

So what’s new in Penguin 3.0?

Before if you webpage has been penalized by Google’s Penguin algorithm you had to wait for the next update until your website can recover.

In case your website has already been penalized before and in the mean time you have removed all the spammy backlinks – now it can be recovered.

Also it is possible that your rankings will drop of you have a lot of links from low quality pages. But that does not automatically mean that your site was punished.

If Google neglects some types of the links then those links are no longer counted as votes for your website. And if you somehow benefited from those wrong links and votes, your webpage rankings might drop.

So Google announced also that the Penguin now will be updated more often. Which will increase your chances to have your penalized by new algorithm website recovered faster. And you can also secure your website from being penalized after all by removing all bad backlinks. Link disinfection tool might help you to locate such links.


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